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The trick to losing weight and being happy

Looking and feeling your best doesn't happen from simply losing weight. I know many people and get many clients that have lost a significant amount of weight and are still not happy with what they see in the mirror. The key is to remain lifting weights with as much intensity as possible, keeping cardio as minimal as possible and creating a caloric deficit that's just effective enough to initiate fat loss while keeping calories adequate enough for good workouts and everyday activities, with room to drop calories and remain productive. *Honorable mention: Have a macronutrient profile in place* I'm down 27 lbs since November, I still eat, on average 2,100 calories a day and the most cardio that I've done in a week has been 30 minutes, split up. Schedule a call with me to look and feel your best. Bold Strength Fitness Building the Men that build America #bluecollarmindstate #bluecollarhealth

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"I'm eating healthy but I'm not losing weight" 3 words "you're not tracking." Simple as that. Food is composed of 3 components known as macronutrients: Carbs Fat Protein Each has a purpose and unless

Do you eat like a man? 🦸‍♂️ Or child? 👶 Fellas we need to do better with how we eat and how we treat our bodies. You need to be physically strong and on point to take care of your families. Especial