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The power of protein.


The purpose of protein is to build or repair tissue.

Different proteins are formed in the body by different sequences of amino acids.

When you consume protein through whole Foods or supplementation keep in mind that just as the body builds proteins from amino acids ingested protein must be broken down into amino acids to be digested, absorbed and used by the body.

Depending on when you're consuming your protein, whether for breakfast upon rising or before or after a workout the source should be evaluated.

For example upon rising egg whites or a slower digesting whey protein would be good. For before or after a workout a faster digesting hydrolyzed whey would be better to get into the bloodstream faster.

FYI "broken tissue" is muscle that was used and was broken down during a workout. Which is why protein is such a big deal with exercising and growing muscle.

Do you know if you're getting enough protein to reach your goals?

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