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I'd like to compete in bodybuilding


🤷‍♂️What does it take? 🕛When do you know if you're ready to prep for a show? 🍔What should you eat? 🏃How much cardio should you do? 🤷‍♀️How you you get started?

Such simple yet complex questions.

But here are some answers to shed some light on these topics.

1. 🏋️‍♀️You've got to be tough. You get insanely hungry, are lethargic most of the time, towards the end anyway. You have to be able to push yourself. Coach or no coach. You're results are up to you

2. If someone has seriously been training and eating well for upwards of 3 years I'd say there's a good possibility you could hit a stage given a good prep protocol. Everyone is different regarding genetics and this is a generic time frame for most people. You may or may not need more time. You should get an opinion from someone with a trained eye in physique competitions.

3. 🍚Carbs (yes carbs are not the devil, they're actually fuel for our fat furnaces), 🍗protein, and yes 🥑fat. A well balanced caloric deficit, meal timing, with the right activity will do the trick. Don't fall for the bro science, "such as no carbs after dark", or "high protein only", just for examples. You can and will most likely have a terrible prep and lose muscle if you apply any of the bro science protocols.

4. How much cardio it takes to get stage ready really depends on the progress you are making with food consumption and the rate the loss that is occurring. When you start getting ready for the stage start off small. Cardio is a tool that can be overused and almost ineffective if you begin contest prep doing a hour of cardio a day, for example. I like to begin individuals with 15 minutes of LISS cardio to start off and increase durations, number of sessions, and alter between HIIT cardio and of course MISS cardio.

5. Best way to get ready. If you're serious about getting contest ready I would highly suggest a coach at least for your first few shows. You'll have a better experience being under someone's wing as well as giving yourself some mental ease by taking all of the guesswork out of the process as well as knowing someone who knows what their doing is behind you stepping on stage so the chances of you possibly not looking your best will decrease.

Last but not least if you hire a coach be COACHABLE!!!

For coaching inquiries schedule a free call today.


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