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Do you want to feel better

Do you eat like a man? 🦸‍♂️ Or child? 👶

Fellas we need to do better with how we eat and how we treat our bodies. You need to be physically strong and on point to take care of your families. Especially in times like these.

Here are some things that you can eliminate to increase your health and develop some good habits.

⛔Stop buying ready to eat food such as the infamous hungry man containers, pop tarts, hot pockets, and yes pizza rolls. They all contain very high levels of sodium, little to no nutritional value, are high in calories and can contribute to adverse health effects such as weight gain, high blood sugar levels, and high blood pressure. All of which are dangerous for heart health. You know the organ that keeps your body running.

⛔Stop with the coffee shop concoctions and energy drinks. Most of the times the coffee you buy isn't coffee it's caffeinated dessert. Stop pumping yourself with sugar first thing in the morning and justifying it as "starting my day". Energy drinks are also highly calorically dense and contain mostly sugar. Sure they can be effective but they're making you sluggish overall. Try alternating to a cleaner caffeine source such as coffee with a few sugars or creamers and or a calorie free energy drink.

⛔Cut caffeine intake. Instead of slamming that 3rd energy drink for the day, which will usually end you at around 900 mgs of caffeine for the day, get some exercise going. Do some push ups, squats, crunches or planks. When you have better blood flow in your body and if course when you begin consuming nutritionally dense foods your body will feel better and be able to operate much better off of half the caffeine you're used to. Oh yeah you save some money too. Win win.

Sure working tough jobs and long hours and prioritizing health are hard but so is having to take medication and go to monthly or weekly doctors appointments to address a chronic disease you've developed from neglecting your health. You choose your hard.

I hope that this info is helpful and will be easy to apply. If you'd like further customized help to fit your lifestyle and preferences schedule a call with me here ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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