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Mission: Building the Men Building America

Our mission is to help individuals that work grueling jobs to find balance between being able to perform well on the job as well as take their own health and fitness and putting it at the forefront of their lives. We believe that although work schedules may take over our lives sometimes, we also have an obligation to take care of ourselves physically and live a life of high quality and productivity.


This belief stems from our CEO, Jessie Casas, who worked in the blue collar industry himself for 10+ years and found very much success and an increased quality of life, productivity in the workforce, and a thriving family by putting his health at the forefront of his life. Jessie hung up his hardhat permanently in May of 2020 to pursue helping men and women like him to lead a healthy strong life through structured eating and exercise. As a business, we understand that an individual's performance, productivity, and problem-solving skills on the job are most optimal when nutrition and movement patterns outside of the workplace support a healthy lifestyle. You work hard enough on the job - let us take the thinking out of you working hard on yourself.


We provide you with a sound training plan based on your current abilities and goals and progress your program as you get stronger. We also let you choose between tracking macros, giving you a great amount of flexibility to include any foods that you enjoy regularly. We also give you the option of a more rigid plan and weekly shopping list to help you take the guesswork out of your already busy schedule.

About the Owner: Jessie Casas

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I am a married father of 5 and a former 10 year blue-collar worker. I did jobs from general labor such as shoveling hot troughs, industrial cleaning, cutting streel, welding steel, and up to operating epoxy coating machinery, wire drawing machines, and fork trucks. I know what it takes to get off of work after a long 12 hour day and hit the gym even if you don't want to, how it feels to have to take a short break and hopefully be able to eat a meal before it's time to get back to the grind. I know what it's like to also have to prioritize time for family and personal growth in other areas of your life. I also know what it's like to see the sacrifices and the commitment level pay off by allowing my commitment to better myself lead me to strive to be better in other areas of my life besides just fitness.

When I left the last job that I was working at, I was the highest paid operator in the plant. This past year I've gone on to build a thriving in person training business. We serve 30 people at a time and provide nutrition coaching with our training and hardcore environment. I absolutely love helping men build themselves up. We share tears, we share losses and failures, and we share victories and aha moments. By being able to relate to the men that I work with we are able to build strong, transparent relationships which is ultimately what feeds true change. In the past year, I have also demonstrated that I work just as hard and apply just as much discipline as I expect from the men that I work with by getting in elite conditioning to become a natural pro bodybuilder. I don't just talk a good game I get in the trenches with you. Let's do this thing together.


Wake up and Workout.


"I started working with Jessie back in 2017. When I started working with him I was a 90 pound timid kid. Over time he taught me everything I could need to know about the gym, fitness, nutrition and much more, and I am still learning from him to this day. Over these past few years I have also gained 45 pounds (currently) and I also gained confidence. More importantly than any of all the things I listed is the fact he is more then just a coach to me. We have become great friends and is definitely a mentor in my life now. Making the decision to train with Jessie is undoubtedly one of the best choices I have ever made. He has impacted me in a great way more than just fitness."

Ethan Maidl


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