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Bold Strength LLC is a company that is passionate about serving the men and women that build and keep this country functioning, also known as our blue collar workers. Not just carpenters, plumbers, mill workers or any other tradesmen/women you can think of but the people with the blue collar mindset, the blue collar work ethic We're firm believers that their health, wellness and diet should be prioritized and are critical to being able to perform well on the job as well as in other aspects of life. We know that on top of conquering one's self by taking the physical culture seriously in your life then comes victories with relationships, mental fortitude, and success in one's own career, as well as increased quality of life. We're firm believers that everyone can experience what winning is like and we strongly believe you should, that's why we're here to serve you. 


Jessie Casas is the truth! I have tried fad diets, online weight loss tricks, diet pills and NOTHING has been effective unit I tried his online training. His workouts targeted my specific needs, his methods of counting macros has allowed me to enjoy food that is healthy and filling, and he ALWAYS holds me accountable for meeting my own goals. If you want to change your body, mind, and habits choose Bold Strength Fitness!! You won’t be sorry.
-Tasha Goodman
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This is the first time in over a decade I’ve put on a bikini and gone outside, Jess. This is major progress for me! Thank you!
I have been working out for many years and been in shape, after working with Jessie he modified my diet dialed it in more for me. Long story short I followed what he told me and was in the most aesthetic shape I have ever been in. Jessie has the knowledge to get you started or to the next level
-Russ Parks 

Wake up and Workout.


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